Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Field Trip

In my almost (but not quite) 40 years of life I have never been into the city of Philadelphia.
Into RFK Stadium to see Pink Floyd, yes. Into the convention center to see Finding Nemo on Ice, yes. But into the city? Not until this week. And never with over 100 5th graders!
The weather was as chilly, and rainy as it could be.
The puddles morphed into small lakes, and the many open parks available for lunching were drenched.
The Liberty Bell was great to see.
A few days after our trip it was evacuated because of a suspicious white powder. Wouldn't THAT have been a field trip to remember?!?
We got to see the actual chair George Washington sat in.
Benjamin Franklin's grave.

It was a field trip that inspired a lot of thought....

And was a lot of fun!!