Friday, August 6, 2010

Holy crap. It is August. I'm not quite sure how it got here so fast. I feel like we have done nothing this summer, but in actuality we have. Thankfully I have photographic evidence for when my kids start complaining that they are "soooo bored, and we never do anything fun". Not that my sweet kids would ever whine or complain. Nope, never. They need to be thankful that we have done anything. The weather has been atrocious. Hot, hot, hot, and humid. My new found ability to sweat profusely (thank you middle age) has become quite the life of the party. A dishcloth is the latest fashion accessory for the girls as they play. All the better to wipe the sweat from your eyes!

The girls and I did enjoy an escape to the beach. It was really hard to come back! Actually, we stayed for 2 extra days (thank you MeMom).

Our cousins came in from Washington State, and the kids picked up like they had seen each other yesterday.

Janey, the non swimmer, proved how fearless she is when we all went to the lake.

We even corralled the big boys to come to the zoo with us.

A miracle in and of itself! Going to the zoo on one of the hottest days of the year is great! The crowds are way down. See my attempt at finding the silver lining?

You know it is hot, when even the African animals look like they are going to pass out.

A few more weeks of summer vacation left, and I am sure we can try to pack in some fun. Unless it stays this hot. In which case the girls and I will spend some bonding time in the a/c with our new guilty pleasure: Wife Swap.