Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting on the corner

You hear it all the time. "She is doing great. Really turned the corner." or "I felt horrible, but finally turned the corner".

Well. I am trying to find the damn corner. I think I am close, but so far all my 'corners' have really been side streets leading to the main road.

I continue to hobble along on my walker like a little old lady. Wilbur and Stella are two pain in the but speed bumps, and no longer have any fear of being run over.

I do my exercises at the kitchen sink, and have watched Dawn's amaryllis bloom in the past few weeks. Stalkerish I know, but helps keep me focused one something besides the ball of fire formerly known as my knee!
Until I get to that corner I will just keep on keeping on.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greetings from my new digs

Almost two weeks since I had my knee replaced. I thought to post sooner, but thinking about something and actually doing it are two different things these days!
I spend my days in my hospital cave, and have pretty much taken over the tv room. I have the tv (duh. It *is the tv room), laptop, a cooler for my ice packs and drinks, clothes, toiletries, and best of all, my new Nook. A birthday gift from Steve and the kids.
I also have the "help" of Wilbur and Stella. The like to take cat naps in my makeshift bed. Wilbur loves to lay on the ice packs, Kooky Kitty that he is. They think that all of the visitors are here to see them!
20 staples, a ton of swelling and bruising, and a shit ton of pain. Yet even with all of that my new knee feels more stable already. Stronger.
I have been taking it easy. Doing my exercises, being a good physical therapy patient. Napping and taking my medicine as prescribed.
There are some rewards to being couch bound and in pain. I am now sporting a pretty fancy pedicure!