Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Own Worst Enemy

Recently on a Target field trip, Julian stopped to admire a quilt she saw. Of course this was followed by the inevitable "Can we paint our room?" I really don't know why she asked, but she must really enjoy the whole "I sponge painted this room by hand when I was 38 weeks pregnant with you and your father was at his Fantasy Football Draft" guilt trip.
This time, however, she caught me at a moment of weakness. Or perhaps I was having a small stroke. Either way, I said yes. And thus it began.....

Even though she had seen the quilt she loved at Target, we HAD to check all of the other stores near us on the off chance the even more perfect bedding was there. THEN we had to coordinate Janey's bedding without getting the SAME as Julian's. Because THAT would totally make the whole room suck.

They picked their bedding choices, and wouldn't you know it, they were the FIRST two we had seen. Lesson learned there. No options next time! They both decided on a teal color with no argument. I think they sensed the impending explosion of their mother's head. Julian and Janey then proceeded to stand under my paint ladder and berate me for not allowing them to paint. Janey did take a break from that to sing me some songs she made up. Over and over and over.

In the hopes of NEVER HAVING TO SHOP AGAIN I made some wall art with frames we had, scrapbook paper, and Ikea (yes....I had to have SOME fun doing this!) postcards.

and sewed the curtains, since matching was an issue. I conned Tucker into taking Janey to PetCo so Julian and I could QUICKLY pick out fabric. Now Janey is pissed she can't have a new kitten, but, oh well.

I know, I know...can't stand my craftiness. Steve came home to find dinner cooking, the ironing board out, and the sewing machine going full tilt. Just call me Martha. Well, Martha-that-a-bomb-dropped-on-the-rest-of-her-house actually. Their room may look good, but its gonna take me a while to deal with all the collateral damage.

We shuffled and donated a lot of stuff (junk). The girlies each now have a desk area from where they can send each other to detention while playing school. (TRUST ME...this is a school you never want to attend!!)

And though my knee is swollen beyond belief from my many trips up and down ladders and steps, it is well worth to see the happy faces. They must REALLY like it since they have been making their beds each day!

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Visitor of all kinds

We had my great niece, Bella over for a sleepover this week. The kids all fight over her, and Bella, being a true princess, eats it up. It is, however, a BIG adjustment having a 7 month old baby here rather than an 18 month old. The biggest difference by far is SLEEP!! If Kaylee wakes in the night, all I have to do is say, "Shhh, Go night-night" and she is out! Bella slept really well. From 11 pm - 3 am. Then 3 am- 4 am. Then 4 am - 5 am. You get the picture! By the morning my sad, lazy, sleeping late summer self was done! I managed to make it through the morning with about 700 caffeinated beverages, and half a bottle of Advil. After making Breakfast:Part Two ( Part One woefully unappreciated by the beasties) I realized the clamoring in my head was indeed not imagined, but coming from outside. Outside where my dogs were going bat-shit ballistic. After corralling Lucille, and dragging Algae's cone head inside, I saw just what was going on.....
You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.
WHAT am I supposed to do with THIS???? Of course the girls were all excited for a new pet. A pet with huge teeth and perhaps RABIES.
How the hell did he get here???? HOW is he gonna get OUT???? I opened the door then poked him with a stick through the window, but all he did was arch his back, and move side to side enjoying the back rub. Come to think of it, I would probably enjoy having my back scratched too. Even with a stick. Still left us with one big, unwanted, uninvited groundhog. But, as I have found with most of our guests lately, leave them to their own devices, and they will eventually go away!!!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


This time last month I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. We had had wave after wave of unexpected things come our way. Usually able to handle things with humor (and grace, I would like to think!) after a while wave after wave and you are knocked down, and dragged out. Thanks to my guardian angel, who can always understand me even through my snotty blubbering, the girls and I were able to escape to the beach for the week. I did feel bad abandoning Steve and the boys in the mayhem, but they well understood. We had a glorious time just hanging out on the beach.
Eating enough junk food to rot our teeth.
Enjoying the peace and quiet.
Exploring Assateague, one of my favorite spots ever.
We saw horses and other wildlife...
Visited Janey's favorite place ever: Hop Frog Pond.
We even stumbled across the carcass of a beached baby (32 feet of baby!!) humpback whale carcass.
We climbed trees, and enjoyed ourselves immensely in ALL we did.
I came back recharged and IN charge. Thanks a million friend. I can NEVER repay you!!! xoxo

PS- This is the ONLY picture of me during our whole escape!! Look closely......