Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bake Pops; Part Deux

">A while back the girls and I decide to make cake pops. Once. We made them, and learned our lesson.

This year for Janey's birthday her friends Jessie and Katie got her the "As Seen on tv" Bake Pops.

Thankfully Jackie (Jessie and Katie's super mom) also got a set, and gave us a few pointers.

I was still skeptical, and kind of dreaded making them.

Directions seemed easy enough. Make cake as directed, and add a package of pudding mix.
Pour into bottom pan. That would be the pan without the holes.
Take a picture of the cute birthday girlInstead of using melted chocolate to set the sticks and coat the cake, Jackie suggested heating up frosting. I can.not.even.BEGIN to tell you how much easier this made it!!

All we had to do was decorate, and voila!! Done and done.

So easy, and so yummy! AND a very important lesson that sometimes the "as seen on tv" gimmicks are well worth it!