Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girly Songs

I made a huge crock pot full of chicken and dumpling today. A crazy night scheduled where, once again, everything falls in the same time frame in opposite ends of the world. The whole house smells like home. It is very strange that the weather is warm and muggy. Even stranger that I crave things like chicken and dumplings and beef stew on days like this!

Janey stomping through the house, sighing loudly like they poor martyred victim she is. There.Is.Nothing.To.Eat.In.This.House! ::stomp:: I.Am.Starving. ::sigh:: To.Death. ::stomp:: The next few sighs are mine. As I list the things available to alleviate her imminent starvation she rejects each one choosing instead to go up to bed and cry herself to sleep.
I have a new phrase for the girly-angst-drama. It is called "writing a song". 'Woe-is-me' lyrics, and 'my-life-sucks' rhymes. By the way, there is *plenty to eat in this house!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


it came as a surprise
that the silver lining was actually

red and green