Thursday, May 19, 2011

Better Late than Never

It has been a full year since we remodeled out bathroom upstairs. It was old. Outdated. Bad, bad, bad. It didn't even have an electrical outlet. Not a single one! What kind of person puts in a bathroom without an electrical outlet?!?

It was well worth the hassle of 6 people sharing one bathroom.
Well...Teddy might disagree as it his his bathroom of choice ;)

It was also well worth every penny, although I could have bought a fairly nice brand new car with what it cost. Who the hell knew that plumbers were so damn expensive?? Who the hell knew faucets were so expensive??

This cabinet was ALOT bigger on the picture, and once I got it put together I was too lazy to return it. I could really use this to be about 5 times bigger.

Without meaning to, the bathroom evolved into a beach theme. All with things I had, and that mean something to me.

Stuff from trips to the beach, my garden, days fishing on the boat, and from my grandmother.

Shells from many beach visits. An intact sand dollar from Ocean City on the day Teddy and I visited what would be his new home away from home. A tiny baby horseshoe crab from the same day, and a sand dollar from my Nana.

A teeny tiny seagull painting my grandmother painted. I love seagulls, and know I am in the minority there! A conch Teddy found clamming, and a stained glass sailboat that was in my grandfather's office until he retired.

Julian picked out the tile in the shower. My head started spinning at all the choices, and I went into a decorating coma. Kudos to her for not only picking out something that looked great, but, believe it or not, this was the lowest priced tile and mosaic.

And now a year later, after buying, trying, and rejecting many curtains, I finally made some to finish the bathroom. My sewing skills are limited, but I can make a mean curtain! All I know I learned in middle school home ec class. In case you may think I'm a little too big for my britches, I will show you what I *really have to work with!

My fancy sewing machine (that I swipe from Julian) as well as my very helpful (NOT!) helpers!

So...finally it is done. Until i decide what I want to hang on the walls. Maybe by next year :)