Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Dear Children,
It is late on Thanksgiving, and I just realized that I didn't tell you today how thankful I am for all of you. Thankful even for the masses of dirty laundry, endless meals, and the constant clean up. Thankful even when I am so mad at you I can't see straight. Thankful even when you don't appreciate me and hurt my feelings. Thankful even when you make mistakes and disappoint me. Thankful for your chatter when all I want is some peace and quiet. Because even though I may want some peace and quite, I need you. Even with the experience of loss, it is easy to take for granted all of the things in our lives. It can all change in an instant, and every mundane thing that came before will seem like an amazing miracle of a gift. So, I am truly thankful for you all. Each and every day.
Love, Mom

To anyone who reads this blog, please keep my friend Amy, her husband Scott, and their children Trevor, Meredith, and Nolan in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season. Five and a half months ago their baby Jeremy died after a brave fight. This Thanksgiving will be followed three days later by Jeremy's first birthday. I don't presume to know what they are going through, and I wish there was more I could do to ease their pain. On Monday, Teddy and I will be donating blood at a blood drive in Jeremy's honor. Holding my arm out and donating a unit of blood is all I can do to make any difference, but it will make a difference to someone in need. And Jeremy made a difference in my life, reminding me every day to never, ever, ever take anything for granted.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leap Of Faith

Sometimes life is really tough. Decisions to be made. Paths to be chosen. No one knows what is in store. You just have to have faith, and hope things turn out for the best. And when you find yourself on the edge of doing something new, no matter how terrifying, you just have to TAKE A DEEP BREATH.....


It may be scary, but you will never know TILL YOU TRY!!!!

And then there are the times when you think, "Holy crap. I need a Valium."

Guess I will just have to take that leap of Faith!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricks and Treats (and lots of sweets)

As usual, the act of trick-or-treating takes far less time than figuring out what to DRESS UP as!! This is an art, I do realize, so I should not rush it. This is precisely why we start talking about Halloween costumes a year in advance!!! This year after perusing several (million) stores, Julian FINALLY settled on being a vampire. Thank goodness for our dress up bin! All we needed was a cape! Janey is still a Princess girl to the core, and after being Aurora last year, she decided on Belle for this year. A special Halloween thanks goes out to her teacher for setting the rule 'NO high heels for Trick-or-Treating'!
Teddy had a football game Halloween afternoon (WHO is responsible for such horror?!?) . Not only a football game, but one that would put Franklin in the playoffs if they won. A hefty dose of Mom guilt for not being at this game!! This was actually the only time I saw him until after the Halloween fun was over. I STILL do not know if he dressed up or not. Let's just say he was a football player this year!
In spite of the frigid temps and arctic wind the week before, Halloween was warm. We enjoyed some football, and multi-tasked by getting Julian dressed and hair- sprayed at the game!! We got some crazy looks, but not as many as the people who brought their cat to football on a leash!! After Julian was made up to be a great vampire, Janey decide SHE too wanted vampire makeup and blood too! Very nice for Princess Belle! We bribed her with blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick and after she was...well.... colorful!
We met up with some dead folks and beasts and headed off for some treats. Tucker actually asked me "How come Chloe didn't get to go Trick-or-Treating with Lily and you guys ?" Uh, hillbilly boy, WHO do you think the dead gal in purple is?????
Along the way we met some crazy hillbillies! (Otherwise known as Tucker and Zach).A good day indeed! And enough candy to cause severe sugar shock.Slash is just mad he didn't get to go to the football game OR dress up!!!