Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leap Of Faith

Sometimes life is really tough. Decisions to be made. Paths to be chosen. No one knows what is in store. You just have to have faith, and hope things turn out for the best. And when you find yourself on the edge of doing something new, no matter how terrifying, you just have to TAKE A DEEP BREATH.....


It may be scary, but you will never know TILL YOU TRY!!!!

And then there are the times when you think, "Holy crap. I need a Valium."

Guess I will just have to take that leap of Faith!!!


The Nelson Family said...

Holy Crap! It's fine for YOU to take that leap, but what about the rest of US? He's not allowed over the bridges, right?

The Nelson Family said...

P.S. Tell him to get a haircut or he's liable to hit a squirrel

gnomegarden said...

take the valium.
I am going to take the valium.
Ted is now a permitted!