Thursday, July 9, 2009


This time last month I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. We had had wave after wave of unexpected things come our way. Usually able to handle things with humor (and grace, I would like to think!) after a while wave after wave and you are knocked down, and dragged out. Thanks to my guardian angel, who can always understand me even through my snotty blubbering, the girls and I were able to escape to the beach for the week. I did feel bad abandoning Steve and the boys in the mayhem, but they well understood. We had a glorious time just hanging out on the beach.
Eating enough junk food to rot our teeth.
Enjoying the peace and quiet.
Exploring Assateague, one of my favorite spots ever.
We saw horses and other wildlife...
Visited Janey's favorite place ever: Hop Frog Pond.
We even stumbled across the carcass of a beached baby (32 feet of baby!!) humpback whale carcass.
We climbed trees, and enjoyed ourselves immensely in ALL we did.
I came back recharged and IN charge. Thanks a million friend. I can NEVER repay you!!! xoxo

PS- This is the ONLY picture of me during our whole escape!! Look closely......


gnomegarden said...

what wonderful photos!!! that last one is so wonderful-- I so love it. You deserved every bit of good you got on your getaway-- I wish many more recharges for you.
xoxzoxzo dd

The Nelson Family said...

Glad to hear the get-a-way was a good one. Hey, any trip without a visit to the ER or the car breaking down, is a good one!