Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cherry Pickin' Finger Lickin' Fun

Working on being a little spontaneous these days. Turning away from the Type A/OCD pitfalls. Leaving the laundry unfolded. Dishes in the sink. Ack...beds unmade!! Not always..... but trying. My sister called and said she was taking the kids cherry picking. We turned the car around and went along. Even with NO CAMERA!!! It was a fun day, and there were loads of cherries. The kids all got along....a minor miracle between cousins! They climbed the ladders all the way to the tops of the trees with nary a "GET DOWN FROM THERE!" to be heard.

They ate themselves sick, and, with the first cherry thrown by Auntie, had an all out cherry war! We practiced our cherry pit spitting skills too! Cheese popcorn and ice cream for lunch.

Then home to pit a peck of cherries.

And wash the homeless children! No pics of Julian.....ten pounds of cherries caught up with her!!
Lucille ate her fair share too! There's something to be said for spontaneity!

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