Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting on the corner

You hear it all the time. "She is doing great. Really turned the corner." or "I felt horrible, but finally turned the corner".

Well. I am trying to find the damn corner. I think I am close, but so far all my 'corners' have really been side streets leading to the main road.

I continue to hobble along on my walker like a little old lady. Wilbur and Stella are two pain in the but speed bumps, and no longer have any fear of being run over.

I do my exercises at the kitchen sink, and have watched Dawn's amaryllis bloom in the past few weeks. Stalkerish I know, but helps keep me focused one something besides the ball of fire formerly known as my knee!
Until I get to that corner I will just keep on keeping on.


Lindsay said...

Oh, Erin. I wish I could just sweep in and rescue you :( I don't know Dawn, but I *think she doesn't care if you stalk her Amaryllis :D

Love you tons!

gnomegarden said...

Aw!! I just saw this!! I love it when you stalk me!! I am so glad you can see those crazy flowers from there. And I'm sorry you are nor feeling much better yet. I hope it will be soon. Yes I do. Xoxo. Dawn

Amy said...

beautiful...love the beach theme