Saturday, March 28, 2009

Talent Galore

Julian recently took her jewelry 'business' to a new level and displayed her work at the schools talent show.
The real talent portion of the evening was transporting the display in the rain into school with two hyped up, not-listening kids without dropping anything or having my head blow up from frustration!!!
Or arranging the board to certain (high maintenance) people's liking. Certain people who feel free to share their opinions, yet do not want to actually DO the work! Julian was also quite peeved that she would not be able to take this opportunity to SELL her stuff....she DID however make it perfectly clear to anyone who asked that they could take her business card and contact her at any time to purchase! A business woman in the making.
Last year she snuck her stash out to school, sold a bunch, and came home with 50 bucks in profit!

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Amy said...

I tried to zoom in on the picture a little bit more but was unsuccessful.

Are there any yellow bracelets or necklaces for sale?