Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I religiously follow several blogs. My husband makes fun of me because he can always find me in on the computer checking out other peoples lives. Really, you would think with 5 kids living in my house I would not have time or desire to do anything except hang on by the skin of my teeth! I am also amazed at the huge following some of the blogs have. Millions of hits. Millions. Blogs about moms, families, kids and their day to day life. The REAL day to day life. Like how to splash water on your head to make it seem like you have taken a shower when in reality you have been on the computer! Anyway...I entered a photo caption contest at mycharmingkids.com (I am lame...I SHOULD know how to link things, but alas.....) and I WON!!! It really doesn't matter what I won (although it is good!) it could be an old shoelace for all I care. Well, really, a good prize is better if I am honest. What does thrill me is that my vote was chosen out of over a thousand entries. BUT what thrills me MORE is the eternal hope that my brain cells seem to still be functioning enough to come up with a clever caption winner! I really though those poor sad, Mommy brain cells had left the building!


Kim said...

Congrats on your photo contest win! Nice blog, such cute photos.

gnomegarden said...

your braincells are just fine. SHarp as a tack you are!
Congrats on the winnings!I hope it's something awesome!

The Nelson Family said...

Yea - you go girl! I have slacked off with the blogging. I have to admit, I'm addicted to FB

Shauna and Ben said...

Hi! I was catching up on reading MckMama's blog and saw that you won the contest! Congrats! Definite kudos to you for sure...I couldn't even come up with an entry, never mind the winning one! :)

Jim Doran said...


I hope my blog is in the religiously read category.