Thursday, August 20, 2009

All's Fair....

Took the kids to the fair last week. The State Fair always fall during back to school and football practice (prison camp), so the Howard County Fair was the first time the boys had been in ages.
It was good to see them have FUN. They went on rides, won goldfish and a lizard at the ping pong ball game ( I LOVED this game when I was little!!).
Petted (tormented) the animals. Tucker was attacked by a chicken, and Teddy was furious I wouldn't buy him a pigeon, but all in all we had a good time.
Even with the fact that it was ten thousand million degrees. All too soon it was back to the real world. Football practice, field hockey practice, grocery shopping, orthodontist, and, of course school supply shopping. On one of these outings I noticed the car smelled really bad. As the days passed it went from "really bad" to "holy crap, I am going to barf" to "I have got to get rid of this car". Finally we went to the gas station, vacuumed it out and looked everywhere for the offending stink bomb. Under seats, in the trunk, in the beach buckets (that, yes, are still in my car full of sand, and shells 3 weeks after vacation). Couldn't find the damn source anywhere. I finally gave up, put the vacuum away and put all the seats back in the right position. And that's when I saw IT. A fish from the fair. Still in the bag. Still in my car. Folded down in a seat. In the MIDDLE OF SUMMER. Holy.Shit. Imagine it. was WORSE than that. Ugh. This is what I get for trying to be a "fun" Mom. I am going back to laying on the couch all day reading a book!


Kate :-) said...

Hi Erin - thanks for visiting my blog the other day!
Great pics - looks like fun was had by all :-)

The Nelson Family said...

What is it with your car and smells????