Monday, September 21, 2009

So there.

To all the people who told me a trampoline was a bad idea.

A death trap.

Broken arms and legs for sure.

Perhaps even a broken neck.

Do not even THINK aboout getting one.

Someone "had a friend, who knew a friend, whose friends sisters' kid got REALLY hurt" on a trampoline.
It will be the WORST decision you will ever make.

Shout out to my peeps!


GrammieMommy said...

Erin, fun pictures. I love the blurry trampoline one. I bookmarked your blog too. Are you on OHIH? Not sure which one you are on there..but HI ! :)

Nancy Campbell said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for contributing to my cancer campaign.

erica mac said...

We've had a trampoline for a few years and never had an injury. (KNOCK ON WOOD) The kids just have a blast on them!

Tina said...


Such cute kids.....

Trampolines are so much fun...we have always had one...


Bella said...

This post brings me back to my childhood...many fond memories of my grandparents HUGE trampoline, with a bunch of siblings and cousins jumping together. Great pictures!