Thursday, March 18, 2010


This picture is a representation of my life this year.

My 'baby' lost her first tooth.

Years earlier than any of her siblings, and catching me by surprise.

She is five. A whole hand, and will be starting kindergarten this fall.

All day kindergarten.

My other 'baby' is a decade old.

She is in her last year of elementary school.

Off to middle school.

We shop out of the juniors section.

The next 'baby' will be sixteen this summer.

He will start drivers ed in the spring.

He plays 2 varsity sports. And shaves.

Drivers Ed? I just took the training wheels off.

My oldest 'baby' is an adult.

So says the law.

In two months he graduates High School.

He will go to college in the fall.

He can vote. He was just born.

I know this is my job, and I would like to think I have done it well.

I look around and am shocked to see no diapers, and pacifiers.

Shoes that are too big for my feet.

Big kids where yesterday there were babies.

Each day is a gift, and each night after teeth brushing, prayers and tucking in, we are one day closer to the day when they fly out of the nest.

I didn't think it would be this fast though.


Mr. Jim said...
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won said...

Oh my...I hear you.

I am struggling with this myself.

My job as my son's parent is 72% done, and the idea makes me very, very sad.

Cheryl said...

So sweet, so true - don't blink - you'll miss it all

Anonymous said...

you made me cry, Erin, I'm just glad my babies still need me as miuch as Janey does you.

Lindsay said...

I just got teary Erin. Darn you! I hate them growing up.

The Nelson Family said...

Real nice, just cried my eyes out! Can't imagine the day when both my babies go at the same time... damn twins!

Deb in MD said...

I love watching them grow up, but not so fast! I really long for these years to slow down now.

Marzipan said...

It's incredible, isn't it? My daughter's got her first loose tooth now and I just can't figure out how she got big enough for that to happen. But then, my mother's baby just had *her* first baby, so it's all relative.

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