Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have been a bad blogger. Not so clever, and not so funny. As with most things, it is not my fault. I am being held hostage by my yard!

Who knew that having a graduation party in July meant that you needed to start yard prep in March??

I have had lots of help.

Lots of good luck as well, and our veggie garden is doing quite well already.

We have some new additions like swiss chard and broccoli, as well as tons of peas.

Shelling peas is when I am glad I have given birth to so many helper slaves!

I told my sister that I thought our strawberries were on their last legs. I would probably pull them up and start over. Well....I think they heard, and now I am overrun with berries!

Waiting in line at Ikea for hours to purchase rain barrels was well worth the money I will save on my water bill!!

Can't wait till the point when I can relax and just ENJOY the garden. Oh, who am I kidding?? I will always be able to find something to do in it!


Margaret said...

I love the hanging pots on the fence. Nice work!

Southern Woman said...

Oh my gosh, Erin! Your yard is fantastic! I agree with Margaret that the hanging flowers on the fence are awesome! The whole thing looks like a botanical garden. There aren't weeds anywhere!

KaytieJ said...

Absolutely beautiful Erin! Great idea with the planters hanging on the fence! And it all shows how much work you have put into your beautiful yard! Thanks for sharing!

Deb said...

love it Erin! Gorgeous, and I love those planters along the fence! You are putting me to shame, now I need to clean up my yard to get organized!

T@iy@ said...

Your yard is *amazing*!!! Wow! All the hard work is quite obviously paying off. :)

Corinne said...

Your yard is gorgeous!

Forget you coming to Brussels, I'm coming to your house!

I'll book a flight right now, and tell you when I should arrive! Deal?

Just CK said...

What a beautiful yard. I love the sitting area.

kristin said...

Your yard is awesome! Come visit and give me some pointers :)

How are your hanging plants hanging on the fence like that?



You have a great yard. Just beautiful. Can I have a few strawberries? YUM! Ours are not close to ready yet. I just hope we get some this year. Great idea to collect rain water. I will have to mention it to hubby!

Lindsay said...

Man, I love your sitting area, too! And your adorable brick house.