Friday, July 9, 2010

From here to there

It is crazy how fast we got from here:

to there:

Danielle and Teddy. Friends from the first day of school to the last.


Lindsay said...

Awww. That makes me teary!

Robin in Montana said...

Oh my word. I don't even *know those kids, and that makes me a little bawlified.

Anonymous said...

Wow! And congrats!
There are days I'm not sure we'll make it ;)
Good to be given hope!! ;) ;)

French Teacher said...

EL!! Miss you guys!! Just a quick post from Portugal to tell you havenºt forgotten you guys, will spend some time next week catching up a little more, weatherºs not so great but itºs okay, off on our first trip tomorrow morning, postcards coming soon!

Be good!!

Amy said...

Oh MY! Where Oh where did the time go? I remember when they were both so small.

Congrats to all in both families. Enjoy the well deserved celebrations!

Love and Sunshine,

Deb said...

It is so great that they are still friends, and how neat it is to have that old pic to compare to the present!

KaytieJ said...

Ohhhhh...that is so sweet they are still friends and it makes me all teary eyed! Wonderful keepsake to have both those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Awww...So sweet! :)