Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not for the timid

Always looking for some fun (free) crafts to do at home. Preferably ones that we can get a lot of use out of. After discovering the rock hard, dried up finger paint I went in search of a recipe for make your own. I found a few recipes, and they all looked pretty simple.
Simple I can do.

3 ingredients simple I can really do.
You know, 3 ingredients. Can't be that bad.

Things you may not know:

Cornstarch is messy. Really messy.

It is not the same consistency as flour, and if you are dumb enough to make the mistake of trying to pour it into a measuring cup, will be making a big mistake.
Cornstarch and water, brought to a boil to thicken WILL bubble.
If it gets on your skin, especially on the soft, unprotected flesh of your fingers, you WILL scream.

You might even scream "F*CK!!!"

You will not, however, feel too bad about it because you will be in stunning disbelief as to how much it burns, and how cornstarch+boiling water= molten hot GLUE.

The mixing of the colors was the best part in the opinion of the paint makers.

I would love to be able to tell you how it actually works, but apparetnly they only wanted to make the fingerpaint. Not use it.

Probably for the best right now. I am sure it would irritate my blistered, burned flesh.


Lindsay said...

I love you. Bwahahaha! Hope your tender flesh is healing well :)

Danielle Bixler said...

Haha I can't wait to comeover for the next craft :)

T@iy@ said...

Crafting sounds fun in the Lutz household. :D