Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not as smart as I thought I was

I got a new phone for Christmas. I was due an upgrade, and needed to have the ability to send pictures. How else can you share the ridiculous things you come across in a day if you can't send pics?!?

After four months, I think I have it figured out. With much help from you tube tutorials, and Morgan my phone helper guru.

BUT....the downside is (in case you had not noticed) I inadvertently deleted all my blog pictures. :(

I didn't really want them on my phone, and had NO idea that deleting them would wipe them off of everything. Forever.

I had great plans to go plug them back into the appropriate place, but after doing this on ONE post, I thought better.
Have you ever tried to read html code?? Holy shit. My eyes are bleeding.

So. If you didn't read before, you will have to use your imagination on the pictures.
In case you need some cuteness, I will leave you with this:

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