Sunday, December 14, 2008

When crazy isn't crazy ENOUGH

You should add a PUPPY to the mix! And do it right before Christmas if you really want to maximize the insanity. So, yes.....we have a new puppy. A crazy, long legged border collie. In all fairness, we did NEED this dog. Our 2 working border collies, Moss and fern, are essential in keeping the geese off the golf course. Over the past several months, Moss has, for all intents and purposes, retired. This means he sits in the golf cart or the office all day with Steve rather than running the course. Fern, girly girl that she is, has taken advantage of this and has become quite...plump without Moss pushing her. Actually she isn't plump. She's just plain fat. If she stood still we could use her as the coffee table!
So we called our border collie connection, and she had the perfect pup for us. Bossy, motivated, and already a great herder. As can be attested by the nips on Janey's butt!
And with kids, dogs, cats and chaos...what more is a little crazy really?!? So, Welcome to our new pup, Algae. Yes, Algae. Moss, Fern, Algae. Aren't we clever? It beats the other suggestions of fungus and athletes foot!!!


gnomegarden said...

ohhhhh, he's such an adorable addition to your wonderful family. I think I need a herder to chase me around as a weightloss strategy. Think she has a puppy good at that?? Feliz nahblahblah.

The Nelson Family said...


Heather Marie said...

What a cutie pie!! :)