Friday, February 6, 2009

Alive and kicking....

...but tired!! A month between posts. Falling down on the job, obviously!! In my defense it has been crazy. My sister in law, Colleen died three weeks ago. After that we have been blessed with a new roommate, my great niece, Kaylee.
And re-navigating the world of chokeables, stair climbing, naps, non-existent showers, and sticky high chairs. As well as witnessing the fact that your four year old really has NOT quite grasped the concept of sharing. BUT she HAS grasped passive aggressive behavior quite well. She WILL share with that baby, but she puts things up WAY high so that unless Kaylee transforms into Super Stretch, she will NEVER reach things!! I am hoping that Kaylee's great appetite will inspire Janey to move away from plain noodles with butter and salt, but, alas, no such luck!

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