Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry Phil.

It is chilly and windy again here. Yesterday we got snow. Big huge honking flakes that would actually blind you. And enough slush to have to shovel. I love snow, and am always up for piles of it. As I was out and about, I found people quite surprised by the snow. I found myself thinking, Well...the groundhog did predict 6 more weeks of winter." DOES ANYONE REALIZE HOW RIDICULOUS THAT IS?????? Forget about El Nino and global warming. Instead we are going to rely on whether or not a big, furry, rodent sees his shadow. All of my birds are going through tons of food. There are a million of them outside at the feeders.
All of my cats are mad they they can't make the birds FOOD.
Here Birdy, birdy, birdy....
And through it all there are definite signs of Mother Nature trying to get to warmer days.
AND they have nothing to do with Phil.

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gnomegarden said...

LUSCIOUS photos. I LOVED them.
Even when you have no words-- you should just keep putting your photos up here-- you are so good with the camera and observations of life. As they say about the picture and a thousand words right?
sisterhood of the traveling pants