Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bucket List

Last summer my husband and Julian watched 'The Bucket List' about a hundred times.

The girls and I decided to make our own bucket list for the summer. Days we were bored, we often went to the list to see what we could do. I wish we could have done it all, but we had some curves thrown our way last year.

Over the next couple of days we are going to work on a bucket list for this year. I am adding the things we didn't do to our new list as well. When I post our completed list in 2011, hopefully it will be more complete than not!

Last years List:

make a stepping stonego to Wheaton State Park

pick cherries

pick peaches*

pick apples

Spring Meadow Farm trip

go to Patapsaco State Park

go to Sandy Point Park

go to Assateague

camp at Assateague

ride bikes on the boardwalk

Ocean City fishing Pier

camp in the backyard

go to the zoo

go to the aquarium
go to Washington D.C

make fresh lemonade

sell lemonade

plant a garden

do crystal caves craft **

go to Cascade Lake

learn to knit

visit Carroll County Pond

go to the Fair

Bold and italic means we did them.

* means we WENT to pick peaches but they were gone. We DID pick raspberries instead

** means this was the most involved, hard to follow craft ever invented in the history of the world, and we just gave up.

Some things we did more than once. On Assateague in the spring we found a really cool whale carcass.

By summer is was so festeringly gross I almost barfed.

Also by summer the mosquitoes were worse that having your fingernails pulled off, which negated the "Camping at Assateague" goal.

During our trip to the aquarium we met up with an old friend Chris, his wife Margaret, and their daughter Abbey. I had not seen Chris in 14 years!

When we went to the zoo, we met up with my friend Kelly who I had not seen in 20 years!

Looking forward to working on our new list!


Anonymous said...

Love the Bucket List idea! When I was little, every summer my best friend's dad made an "idea jar". Whenever we were bored, we pulled an idea out of the jar. The most memorable ones were having a neighborhood pet show (big disaster), and baking brownies for the elderly lady down the street.

Great photos as well!

Karen said...

I like the idea of a bucket list for the year and then following through - gonna think about that for me too - Enjoyed your pictures - your kids are adorable! The whale carcass - just icky!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the list idea! Only if I could follow through, lol

won said...

This was very weird to come here and see this post. I swear when I did my post around the same day, I did not steal your idea!!

We were on the same wavelength I suppose. Although mine has a bit of a different flavor.

I am thinking of you today, Erin.

Shana said...

I have wanted to do the stepping stone project for a while now. I think I will get the supplies and do it when the boy's get really bored one day.