Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Envy

All my (kid) life I wanted a Baby Alive doll. So, so much. Each and every time I was told no. Actually I was told, "I don't need one more thing that eats or shits in this house." So since Baby Alive both eats AND shits, I was out of luck.

Call it mellowing, or call it payback, my mom bought Janey and my niece Eliza a Baby Alive this Christmas.

They we so EXCITED!!

The next day Janey poked me awake at the crack of dawn to see if we could feed her.

Both she and Julian were fascinated by the fact that she was REALLY eating.

Then they couldn't wait to see what happened next.

Oh, the horror!!

This is their favorite part of feeding her! Goofy, goofy girls!


Amy said...

I can't believe how much it looks like real baby poop! I'm really glad we've "misplaced" our packets of baby food (and Lauren's too young to know you can buy more).

Karen said...

That is disgusting and I'm thanking my lucky stars that I have grandsons! They are getting hotwheels and chuck the talking truck!! LOL

FalkFamily said...

I know it's a matter of time before Baby Alive is a member of our household. I hope you get to play with it, too :)

Shana said...

How neat! Gross, but neat, ha!