Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back from saving the world....

....and other slight exaggerations. I wish I could say I have been doing something noble and admirable. Perhaps bringing water to villages in africa, or building homes for those who have none. Alas, I am just a bad blogger.
We made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Leaving time for the fun things, trying not to get bogged down by the mundane. Pared our gift list way back (a perk of unemployment), enjoyed the small things, and really, really, really looked forward to a new year!
Managed to find a home for one of our foster kittens, and accidently had to keep two of them. One planned, one not so much, but both well loved, and well spoiled. Very spoiled, actually.
Janey is working on setting a world record for how many teeth she can eject from her mouth. At not even six and a half she is -->thisclose<-- to catching up with Julian.
Teddy turned 19. Several times it seems, as his birthday parties seemed quite numerous this year. His gift is worthy of a whole 'nother blog post. But at least it is not a rattlesnake.
So. I guess I am back. :)


gnomelady said...

Yay you! Always be back. There ain't no sunshine when you're gone.

Lindsay said...

Squee - love those pictures ♥

Stacy said...

Yippee! You just made my day! ;)