Sunday, March 6, 2011

The view from here.

I made great time on the trip to pick Teddy up from school last week.
Such great time that I had enough to spare to visit one of my favorite places on earth; Assateague Island.

Driving up the Verzanno bridge is a little daunting.
You feel like you could be on a road just destined to plunge you into the great unknown.

Each time I crest the bridge it never fails to take my breath away.
The bay, the ocean the marshes,and untouched forever vegetation.

Furry winter coated ponies waited this time on the opposite side of the bridge.
Escaping the wind no doubt, but one can always imagine they were there as greeters.

For the past few days my view on everyday things has been altered.
Walking up to the beach was supposed to be the mind eraser that I needed, but only served to act as a reminder.

It was hard getting up to the beach. Hard walking in the sand (especially with shoes on!), and I would like to fool myself into thinking that a speedy retreat to the car was from cold, and chilly ocean wind.

It won't always be cold. it won't always be windy. It won't always be winter. But without a knee replacement, sooner rather than later, it *will always hurt to get there.

It should make me feel a bit better that the doc was just as surprised as I was to have the xrays show significant arthritic damage in both my knees. It should, but it doesn't.

Do not pass go, do not get a brace, put the ice away, and thank the genetic factors that not only gave me a fat ass, but a "bad set of knees" as well.

So I will start my 40's with a new "Lieutenant Dan" knee. And a morphine pump. Hoping that I will soon be back to running my ass of chasing after these kids of mine :)

I am thankful that what ails me *CAN be fixed. So thankful. I just need a few minutes to have a bit of a temper tantrum. Without any kicking, of course.


gnomegarden said...

Om my darlin. Beautiful post and pics.
As a birthday surprise, I have arranged for you to get BIONIC knees. So don't you worry-- it's all going to be ok. You will still be kicking ass and taking names. Plus-- a MORPHINE PUMP!! Tell me you haven't wanted one of those for your birthday since you were like 12, right?? You are finally getting one!! PLease ask for a bifurcated tube so i can have a taste!
Every little things going to be all right.
xo Bob Marley's girlfriend

Lindsay said...

♥ Hang in there chica. I wish I could be there to do something for you. xoxoxoxo and prayers.

Annelise said...

Erin, I hope you are recovering well from your knee surgery (or will soon, not sure of the timing) Since not being on FB I feel I've lost touch with you since March. Keep your chin up and try to enjoy the down time

T@iy@ said...

Why did I not know that you had a blog? This is someplace that I *desperately want to go. Definitely. Love the photos!