Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A holiday (well...not even a real holiday) that I have avoided for years.
Any day, holiday or not, with my *name AND a word pronounced *'bra' (braugh) is not even a bit welcome. Even after years of being a grown up, Erin-Go-Braugh, and Erin-Go-Braless are phrases I hate.
This year, however, thanks to numerous crafty blogs, the girls and I spit out years of repressed St. Patty's Day goodies.
Shamrock Rice Krispie treats, rainbow cupcakes and rainbow jello. My house looked a bit like Happy Gay Pride Day!
And...if St. Patrick can manage to drive all the snakes out of Ireland, well I guess I can manage to get my peas planted on time!
With the help of my own little Leprechaun!

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Lindsay said...

Would it bother you if I came over and kidnapped her???? Because I just think she is the cutest. And apparently helpful.