Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is Slash.
Slash has had a run in with the new bully cat in the neighborhood.
Slash is usually pretty tough.
Bully Cat has also gotten to AJ. Swelling his eyes shut and biting the heck out of his face.
Bully cat has cost me about $500.
At last sighting, Julian noticed that bully cat (great....now I am singing 'Smelly Cat' from FRIENDS, but adding bully instead) had a bad cut on his leg. My vet is the best. She has agreed to vaccinate and neuter bully cat out of the goodness of her heart. Then I can release him at Steve's work where he will be a shop cat, and live off the millions of mice who love to eat grass seed. Bully cat has NO IDEA how good he has it. My vet lent us a "have-a-heart-trap". Easy peasy. Put food in it, set it, gotcha a cat. Can I just say how disappointed I am in my animal catching skills? I can find animals abandoned on roadways, in fields, and in the woods. I will stop my car to move dead cats and dogs out of the road (drives my husband CRAZY). But I can't catch a cat living in my own damn yard?? The other night, he sat out there mocking me. NEXT to the trap. I have tried dry cat food, wet cat food, tuna and ham. So far I have caught AJ...
And two of these.


FalkFamily said...

I would be freaked to have caught a racoon. Aren't they mean? So sorry about your kitties.

Deb in MD said...

OMG, you are hilarious. How on earth did you release the raccoons? I also think it is very generous of your vet to offer to "take care" of Bully Cat. Good Luck! I also love the look on the cat's face that you daughter is holding....priceless.

Shana said...

What an awesome Vet! I saw the comment about the raccoon & *had to come see, ha! Good luck catching Smelly...I mean Bully Cat!

won said...

OMG! That looks horrible. But that is stating the obvious.

I am sorry you and your cat had to deal with that!

TravelingMom said...

So, I've trapped tons of cats in my day. And it is pure torture, especially if they are "on" to you.

My suggestion is to put out some tuna or something smelly in the place that you will put the trap so that the bully cat will (hopefully) think that you are feeding him. Then one night, replace the food with the trap with food in it. Also, dribble a trail of wet or dry cat food from a few feet out into the mouth of the trap (so he has to walk in to get the prize).

Hopefully the raccoons won't bother your plan though! Although, I must admit that picture you took was way cute.