Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Squirrely Boy

Ever since forever Teddy has loved squirrels. Love, love, loved them. He has stuffed squirrels, Tshirts, name it.
The first time Steve and I went to New York City, I was amazed at the tameness of the squirrels in Central Park. I called Teddy to tell him I had taken a picture of Daddy petting one.
He hung up on me.
Years later Teddy and I went to the Central Park Zoo where he spent much time trying, and finally succeeding in getting a squirrel to eat from his hand. Yes. We have pictures. And video.

Over the years we have trained various squirrels to come to the kitchen window for nuts. This is yet another thing that makes Steve crazy!!

Teddy and I were on the way to my mom's the other day. A very strange animal darted across the road. I had NO idea what it was.

I didn't know WHAT it was, but whatever it was....I had just run it over .
Ick and Ugh. I save animals. And find them. And help them. I don't run them over!!! So, guilt ridden, I turned the car around. When I got back to the scene of the crime, the poor (already) tail-less squirrel was laying in the road. Twitching. I did what anyone would do under those circumstances....(drove off) scooped him up and put him in my brand new car.

By some weird act of (irresponsibility) luck, I had my camera in the car. And a sleeping bag!!
See honey, my car is NOT a mess! This stuff comes in handy.
I wrapped Squirrely up and was sad to see the labored breathing, blood, and lack of response. After we were done at my mom's I checked on him again.

(And, yes, I DID have fleeting thoughts that he might escape into my car.
BUT...he's almost dead, remember??)
Except, he's not. Dead. And he's not so stunned anymore either. In fact, he is now a plain old everyday wild animal.
In. my. car.
Much to the FURIOUSITY of my oldest son, we decided to let him go. We drove back to the scene of the crime, with Teddy bitching the WHOLE way.
I was ruining his dream. A fox would eat Squirrely. He would jump in the stream and drown. Ummm...someone needs to tell Teddy he is 17.
When it came time for the release, Teddy refused. On the grounds it was aiding and abetting the ruination of his lifelong dream to be a squirrel owner.

We released our now lucid friend back onto the side of the street he was headed towards.
We watched his tail-less little self run off happily into the woods.
Where a hawk flew down and killed him. KIDDING on the hawk!


FalkFamily said...

Yay, your story didn't disappoint! Check in on my blog tomorrow - I am going to award you an award (I can't get the post up tonight!)

Jeanette said...

Aw, I agree with Teddy, squirrels are awesome! There was one in the duct work of my old apartment. When looking through the vent it looked HUGE, but when we got it out, it was just a tiny little baby. I wanted to keep it so bad but the maintenance guy said he would tell on me. Good for you for helping the little guy.

Tina said...


How funny...I knew the story would be a good one.

I think your son has a heart just like his mom...

A heart of GOLD!!!


Dawn said...

Boy, you know how to tell a story...and with pictures too.

Okay, I'll admit it. I would defintely be the "driving off person". No way am I going to pick up a squirrel and put it in my car.

You are a better woman than me.

Josh & Rya said...

That's quite the adventure! A tail-less squirrel??

Deb in MD said...

Oh Erin! That is a good story, and you are good, especially taking him back to where he was headed. I sure hope the little guy is okay, and looks both ways before he crosses the road next time!

Jennifer said...

My daughter now wants a squirrel. Thank you VERY much. I'm sending her to your house.

I tagged you today!


WOW, you are nice! I cringe when I see squirrels. I hate rats and they remind me of those. He looks cuter without a tail!