Saturday, September 6, 2008

Janey VanGogh

Not to be outdone by her sister's creativity, Janey has broken out the paints and has been busy on many masterpieces. Actually broken out the paints is a slightly nicer way to tell the story. Pulling out the paints after MUCH anticipation only to find in a few short weeks they had dried up and turned into paint rocks did NOT go over well. The fact that it was 10.2 seconds before Julian came home on the bus, thus making a quick jaunt to get new paint impossible, accelerated the HORROR of the situation by tenfold. The ever present Mom promise of "we can do this tomorrow" was ALSO a disaster. But, tomorrow we did patiently wait for (because at 3 with no means of transportation, honestly, what choice do you have??) At WalMart (hell) our WASHABLE paint choices were red and yellow. ???. Finally after much searching we found a variety, so let the painting begin. See..I am a nice, patient, creative Mom too. Once or twice a year.

And, NO. I have no idea what this says. I think it says " this would have been painted yesterday if my mom would have just listened to me." But that is just a guess....

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