Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off to school, Bye Mama!

Janey finally had her first full day (well, full three hours) of pre-school this week. To quote her she was "So, so, so EXCITED". She told me school was for kids ONLY, and Mama's could not stay. There went my plans for the day....up in smoke. Not really. And yes, she had to wear the boots. For what IS school really, if not a huge fashion show???
Since she was PAST her due date in August, she is repeating the three year old class. (I still can't believe she was soooo overdue!! Good that I was such a good sport the two weeks she was refusing to come out!) We had her repeat this class mostly because she loves her teacher only slightly less than she loves her Mama. All the little kids marched in, hung up their backpacks, said goodbye to their Mommies, and off they went.
So many tears. From the Moms, that is. I would have offered them a tissue or something, but all I had was the $2.78 I scrounged up so Dawn and I could make our Starbucks/Barnes and Noble/TEAR- FREE escape. Sorry sad Mommies....I have STUFF to DO!!

PS- Bought myself a great book. It is called, "Dear neighbor, DROP DEAD." I am going to throw it over the mean witches fence when I am done reading it!!!

PPS- Tomorrow I am getting a HAIRCUT while she is at school. Ohhhh...this is like Christmas EVE!!!

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