Thursday, September 4, 2008

We are ALL crazy as a loom!!

'Member when you were little there was always the house with the "NICE Mom"? The house where you had the most fun, and wanted to run away to and live forever and ever? Well....I am not the nice Mom. Luckily, anytime my kids feel the need, they can just hop the fence and the nice Mom is right there. She (according to some children) let's her kids run with scissors, eat candy for breakfast, NEVER yells, and let's her kids paint their room whatever color they want. Unfortunately for my mean self, I KNOW she is really the nice mom!! She is not short of rules or expectations (that scissor and chocolate stuff was an urban legend. The paint however is true. As has been pointed out repeatedly.) The nice mom, Dawn, is just HUGE on patience, and creativity, and even more PATIENCE. This weekend Dawn let a thousand girls sleep over (well three, but it may have well been a thousand in Mean Mom's world) and made them all looms. We all raided closets and drawers for old clothes and sheets, and they PATIENTLY tore them all into strips to make rag rugs. Julian and I took turns on the rug over the weekend, and (my) our rug was done by Sunday!! Slashy helped a little too!! It was so cool to unhook this medley of our sheets, and Steve's shirts, and other fabric of our lives (yes, I know I just plagiarised the cotton commercial) and have a rug!So far it has not made it onto the floor at all!! But it makes a great cover for the ottoman, and the kitties all fight to sleep on it. So save your old sheets and send 'em our way. I think I am going to start making the kids clothes too!!! Just kidding. Well...maybe as punishment!!

PS- To see some more of the girls rugs, as well as instructions for making you very own loom and rug, just click on the knitting gnome link on the left side of my blog!! Thank you Good Mom!


gnomegarden said...

Dear crazy loom-head,
You are NICE. A great mom and a great friend. We just compliment each other-- and I KNOW you've heard me yowling.
The thing is, I know your secret. You are an m&m. All crunchy with m's on you on the outside and all delicious wonderful chocolate love on the inside. :) Ooops, I just told everyone, didn't I? I treasure you, missy. xo

belle2gabby said...

You're an awesome MOM you big goof!!! And really Dawn, ANY colors?

gnomegarden said...

yep.... any colors. It's only paint after all. :)

Erin Lutz said...

SEE???? Told ya!!!