Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homecoming 2008

What a weekend. After getting the cheerleaders ready for the big homecoming game, the heavens opened up and down came the rain. And down, and down it came. Soaking through umbrellas, hats, raincoats, shoes, and everything else. Never in my life have I been so glad to be standing out in the pouring rain and hear THUNDER. The game was postponed at halftime, and we went home to dry out before the boys left for the dance. The dance. Wouldn't you think it is pretty easy to decide to go to a dance or not??????

Teenagers are so fun. Really...if you feel the need for some conversation, pick one up, and see how chatty they are. A wealth of information, really. Or not. Regarding the dance, to actually find out if they wanted to attend took TWO FULL WEEKS.

Q- Do you want to go to the homecoming dance?
A- I don't know. Maybe. Probably.

Q- Do you want to take anyone?
A- I don't know. Maybe. Probably

Q- Does she want to go?
A- I don't know. Maybe. Probably

Q- Is she able to go?
A- I don't know.Maybe. Probably

Q- Did you buy tickets yet?
A- I don'tknow.Maybe.Probably

Q- PLEASE, PLEASE just buy tickets, okay?
A- I don't know. Maybe. Probably

Q- Did you FINALLY buy them?
A- I don't know. Maybe. Probably

Q- Did your date ask her Mom if she could go yet?
A- I don't know. Maybe. Probably

A- uh, Tucker, I guess.

Question to Tucker:
Q- Do you want to go to the dance?
Well, tough. You BOTH are going, and you WILL have a good time. And I will Take your picture. OR ELSE.
And fun they had. A limo ride, and a nice, nice Mom who drove them to and from the diner after the dance was WELL over.


gnomegarden said...

I LOVED this.
yes. no. maybe.


What doesn't kill you makes you a superhero!

belle2gabby said...

How funny! In the first photo, Tucker looked truly freightened. Perhaps that's bcuz he realized he was Teddy's "date"!

Too funny, they are!

Jim Doran said...

Did they slow dance?

I don't know. maybe. probably.