Friday, October 17, 2008

Werewolves and Vampires this is the 4th week in a row we have had a day off during the school week. We have managed to do something on all the other days, so I thought it would be fun to have a day of doing nothing. Actually, truth be told, I am on the last book of the 'Twilight " series, and I am dying to get it finished. I can not stand the suspense. Or the fact that someone very close to me knows exactly what happens and is REFUSING to tell me!!! So I thought trekking through the last 500+ pages while the girls enjoyed a day of play would be just what the doctor ordered. The boys were at football, so there was no one to bother them. It is nice and chilly now, so a pj day, sounds really good. But then...... This is what I had to deal with:
Janey: "You smell good, Julian"
Julian: "Stop smelling me."
Janey: "(Sniff, sniff) smell really good!"
Julian: "I am TELLING. Stop smelling me. Mooooom...she's smelling me"
Janey: "But you smell sooo good (sniff, sniff)"
Julian: "STOP.SMELLING. ME!!!"
Me (slamming book shut): "GET IN THE CAR. I am taking you to the woods and dropping you off!!!"
Janey and Julian: silence
Julian: " Can I bring a juice box?"
So off we went, cameras in hand (juice boxes in bag) to trek through the woods of Liberty Reservoir. If you have just read over 1,000 pages dealing with vampires, werewolves, and the woods they live and hunt in, I do NOT recommend this activity. Really. Because even if you know it is fantasy, you WILL scare the crap out of yourself!!
The trees are just starting to turn and it finally feels like fall. The girlies hunted-I mean hiked- along the trail, fearlessly running over roots, branches, sticker bushes, and the box of latex gloves we found. (I DO NOT even want to know.) The woodland creatures were no doubt scarce after hearing Janey's repeated shriek of, "I AM THE LINE LEADER, JULIAN. I AM THE LINE LEADER!"
They had funny exploring the shore, and we actually found a ton of shells ("Look at this Mom, I found a shell. Look Mom, look. Mooom. I found a shell. See my shell. This is a clam shell.Mom. I found a shell.") Did you ever see "The Land Before Time?" Janey is Petrie. On speed.
We also found a very nice spot in which to just sit and enjoy the view.
The girls discovered that the bigger the rock, the bigger the splash.
I sat back and figured out how cold the water was going to be when I had to jump in and rescue fearless Jane. Without my camera getting wet.
At the end of our trip Janey managed to capture on film the most elusive creature of all:

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gnomegarden said...

Oh so great. I laughed. out loud.
Great photo by JAney. I'm still not telling.
great post. dd