Friday, October 10, 2008

Where are you going?

With the kids off school yet another day, and my eardrums bleeding from the constant whining of "I'm boooored" I had to dust off my cob-webby old brain and find us SOMETHING to do. Thanks to Peg for her great idea on making splatter maps !!! These are fun AND easy!( We decided to try some of our own.
Some children were a little unenthusiastic at first. But after it was discovered that we were dripping paint with reckless abandon, the fun began.

In Peggy's link you will see the process, but here are some pics to show how our blobs o' nothing went onto become uncharted lands. Janey's guitar shaped island is naturally called 'flower island'.
Julian's had so many prickly points of land, it became 'Porky Pine Island'. Mine is named 'Fantasy Island', and at first was going to include such things as spa-ville, and the children's penitentiary, eight million book stores, and signs prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 from entering. Alas, I realized that was not quite in the spirit of things. PLUS it is way too mean to even invent a place like this that does not, and can never exist!!!
After your 'blob' has dried, trace around it with a good black pen (that you once had a whole box of, but now seem to only have one of). Or, if you throw a big enough fit, I am sure your Mom will trace around it for you.

After you are done, label all the cool things your island has to offer, and voila..a WHOLE NEW WORLD!
Charmingly enough, my island has a peninsula that looks suspiciously like a large green penis jutting out of it. I so would have picked another island had a realized this earlier. I named it 'fairie pointe', but it still looks obscene. Oh well.


belle2gabby said...

More like Steve's "fantasy" island!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! I'm so glad you all had fun with it! You've made my day. : )
Nice isthmus, by the way.