Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Blah. Today we had to put our dog, Leo, to sleep. To say it was awful is such an understatement. We have had Leo for ten years. Steve and I always told the boys they could get a dog "when we got a house"....kind of like you would say "Yes, you can ride a motorcycle when you are older." The first minute of the first morning in our new house, Tucker rolled over, opened his eyes, and said, "Can we get a dog now??" So we did. He was a Lab/English Setter mix with a love of sleeping on the sofa, and eating anything with fiber-fill. Stuffed animals, pillows, you name it! He was a huge spaz, and loved to chase AIRPLANES. He wore a path through our yard trying in vain to get one! He was always good with the kids, even when they were not so gentle. "Let's ride Leo" is something they all have uttered, and attempted at on time or another. He was a big goof-ball, and fit right in with this crazy house.

He had had some seizures a few months ago, and the medication didn't seem to do anything but make him into a zombie. If you know Leo, a zombie he is not. I took him off the meds, and against all things told to us, he was fine. Until yesterday. He started up with the seizures again, and they just didn't stop. When he wasn't seizing he was pacing, getting more and more disoriented. Whenever he would lay down, bam, another one. It was heartbreaking to watch, and he became more and more impaired with each hour. He was catatonic by the time we carried him into the vet. Of course, as SOON as Teddy and I got him there he STOOD up and WALKED into the vet. We were both freaked out by reincarnated dog. As the vet was examining him he had another huge seizure, and the small amount of sedative she gave him to get him out of it nearly killed him (as Steve and the others we on there way TO the vet). We were all able to say goodbye, and it was just so sad. Janey was the the saddest part, and the part that got us through. As I was explaining to her that Leo was very sick and was going to die she said,"But he CAN'T die. I LOVE him." Sob. I then explained he had to go to heaven to get better, to which she replied, "Can't we just take him home in a bag?" Uh..... Later tonight as I was giving her a bath the house just feels empty. Not quite right. Like someone came in and stole something. She looked up at me and said, ' I miss Leo and I am very sad, Mama. Are you? Is Julian?" I told her we were all sad, but that Leo was happy now in heaven. She pondered this and said," I think there's hair in my butt." I guess laughter is the best medicine. It has helped get through this day. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Goodbye to our Leo. may Heaven be full of throw pillows, stuffed animals, and low flying aircraft.


gnomegarden said...

I am so so sad and sorry my dear friend. I will call you in the am.
xo dd

Amy said...

Gosh Erin this really has been some summer for sadness. I am so sorry. I remember Leo when Trevor was a little and spent his days with you. Leo was a good dog. I know you will miss him. Hugs to everyone.