Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Sorta Fairy Tale...

Once upon a time there was a kind, beautiful, and skinny (it's MY story and I'll lie if I want to!) girl. She lived in a tiny house with all her kids and wildlife. It was a cozy life. Luckily enough for the girl, one day a kind, beautiful fairy moved in next door. She was wonderful. The little fairies were wonderful. They painted the old ugly fairy house beautiful colors, put in an amazing garden, and filled it with happy little gnomes. The Beautiful Fairy didn't even mind when Bob-the-cat-with-fur knocked said gnomies on their butts. Ahhh...a peaceful life.
Until, that is, the mean old witch moved in on the other side of the girl. A more evil witch can not be found. This witch has been known to BEAT people up. (Really) She was very mean to the girl, and even threatened her children. (Again, really.) Ask the B.F (Beautiful Fairy) if you don't believe me. Although this IS a fictional story (for my own safety). One day the girl hears a ton of commotion out front. People yelling and dogs gone crazy. When she looks out her window she sees a million police cars INCLUDING the K-9 unit (yes, with the dog OUT!!) in her driveway!!! They are all out there to pay a visit to the mean witch. (Who of course denied her son had stolen $20,000 from the guy who had shown up at her house with a gun demanding it back.)
Anyway.....as even evil witches are apt to do, she had one kind act up her sleeve. Long ago she planted a beautiful butterfly bush. It grew and grew, and so many butterflies flock to it. The girl wanted to show all her friends these butterflies, so she risked life and limb climbing up her fence to shoot these photos in the witches yard. Do NOT think for a second that the fear of actually BEING shot was far from her mind!!! So...here are some. As well as the ruckus pics....keep in mind, there were many other police cars on the street IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE as well as IN MY DRIVEWAY. It only took the girl a few hours to return all the calls she got!!!! And, yes...the girl is so smart to always have her camera handy!!
The End


gnomegarden said...

******biggest GRIN evah******
You make me laugh so hard!
Oh it is a sort of fairy tale isn't it? You are sweet and salty. The best kind of fairytale friend to have next door to me. Don't worry, you are not the old woman in the shoe. NO way. You KNOW what to do! I will have to think on your fairy tale. Lots of critters that's for sure...but no pig. sigh.
xoxoxoxo the skinny fairy

gnomegarden said...