Friday, August 22, 2008

Gone Baby Gone....

Steve's Toad Fish
This is how lazy people fish:
Tucker's bluefish
Finally....Julian caught some fish!!!
Janey and the Fishing QUEEN!!
...Gone....Are the days of our (somewhat) easy schedule. The boys started high school football last Saturday, and have had practice every day (sometimes twice a day!!) since. Some mornings Teddy had to be at school at 5:15....A.M!!! Between football, field hockey, and back to school errands and shopping-our summer was over long before Monday morning rolls around!! We did however get one last FFD ( Family Fun Day) in last Sunday....and for ONCE it was not a FORCED Family Fun Day! We took the boat out for a day of fishing and swimming. It was a beautiful day....not too rough, not hot at all. Just right! We ended up fishing under the bay bridge. Our first fishing spot was BAD. But then someone with more luck suggested the bridge (sorry Honey...your spot stunk!!) Every now and then the fishing gods smile on me and when they do it is glorious. Tucker and Teddy caught about a dozen each. Steve caught..maybe six. Julian FINALLY caught three right before we left. I am sure all of her stomping and whining drew these fish to the surface to make her hush! Janey blissfully slept through most of this (she doesn't nap anywhere except on the boat!)....and Me, you ask?? I caught forty. 40. Four. Zero. It was kind of absurd. And it's not like I could HELP gloating!!! Just a little, since I am usually the one who can't do anything right, and knows nothing. Ha Ha, bad little fisher-kids. I won!! So there.

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