Thursday, August 7, 2008

For the love of Lipgloss

Okay....many of you may already know this, but some may not (this is also assuming that more than 3 people read this blog!!) but I am not a girl-y girl. And I am pretty modest too. It is a miracle I gave birth not once but four times because you have to be kind of naked in front of strangers for that. Or it helps. Unless you WANT to be that urban legend woman who gave birth in her pants leg. So, somehow I have manage to give birth to some lip gloss loving, high heel wearing, MULTIPLE purse owning, accessorizing divas. Julian loves lip gloss sooooo much it has once driven her to steal some from her best friend. Oh, and then when she was caught, she said the tooth fairy brought it for her!! She must have thought THAT was a solid argument. Needless to say, the tooth fairy and I go way back. I don't even own ONE lipstick (unless Blistex counts) and these gals can start a make-over business!! As for high heels: Me: none. Julian and Janey: so, so, many. I have two dresses. One for Spring and Summer, one for Fall and Winter. They have three dressers and a full size closet. I don't get it! The best part of it all is Janey new affinity for....well.....playboy posing is what first comes to mind. Or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I can't even take a picture without the hands-on-hips-shake-your-booty pose. She must be sneaking down in the night to watch some Hugh Hefner how-to documentary, cuz I am just not seeing how she is getting it from Little Bear and Max and Ruby. I guess i should go now. I need to start building my locked tower room.

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belle2gabby said...

Oh, I am so with you. I'm about as non-girly as they come and Gabby... total PRINCESS. Thank God for Belle!