Sunday, August 3, 2008


I think I have the post-vacation blahs. I just realized we have only been back for a week. It feels like ten, so I am glad I am not as unproductive as I feel. I was trying to figure out what to write about because I know you are all waiting with on pins and needles to hear my words of wit and wisdom! I know you probably don't want to hear about my insane pile of laundry, mostly sheets, (note to self: college aged house-sitter is a BAD idea.) The boys would swear everyone wants to hear about our road trip to Virginia to see Poison in concert (I am so embarrassed just to type that!). I didn't actually go in...I saw Mama Mia instead (moving to Greece, by the way). I know you don't want to hear that I had to go to a funeral for an old friend who was killed in a car accident this week. That is just another sad story. So, as I sit and ponder a wet, wet thing keeps stepping on the keys. And, I thought, in the absence of anything insightful, I will introduce you to one of our (many) pets. I am saving the rest for other days my life is soooo boring!! We really do have a lot of animals. Sometimes they all end up in the same place at the same time, and it is like being at the petting zoo. About eight years ago our cat Anna had kittens. Out of the litter Tucker kept A.j and Teddy kept Pumpkin (later to be shortened by one of the girls to Mumpa). Teddy and Pumpkin had an unnatural connection. The cat would come when he called, slept with him every night, and really, to be honest, barely tolerated the rest of us. Steve and I used to prepare for when the cat would die.We knew it would be BAD. We were thankful that cats live long lives because surely Teddy would be in college and it might be easier. THIS is how attached they were. Last Thanksgiving I found a tumor on Mumpa, and right after New Years he died. Teddy was beyond devastated. After a month or so I secretly called our vet to see if she knew of any babies because Teddy was just so, so , so sad. She had one kitty she had raised since he was abandoned at 2 weeks of age. He had a sister, but she died. Dr. Siegel was very firm, and would not let ME get the cat. TEDDY had to approve. It was a match made in heaven. This cat needed Teddy as much as he needed a kitty. We brought him home and he named him Slash after the guitarist from Guns N Roses (who is half black, half white, half Christian, and half Jewish. We figure our vet was his "birth' Mom!) He is as different from Mumpa as can be...and he is so STRANGE!!! He loves water! He climbs in the sink, the toilet, the bathtub. He runs through the hose as I am watering. He is always wet! He also loves Steve. He follows him around like a dog, and as soon as Steve sits...plop! Slash is in his lap. Steve does not really even like animals. The cat is the strangest when it comes to food. He LOVES asparagus ( see the picture if you don't believe me!!) and broccoli!! He will also shamelessly steal ANYTHING from your plate. I finally put a bell collar on him so the humans will know when he is around! He is a tolerant kitty, and I will often see Janey running through the house, and it takes me a minute to realize she is lugging Slash around!! Slash will also go on the trampoline with the kids. This is probably where he learned his favorite trick....he stands on the top of the sofa, and LEAPS on you when you least expect it. Always a good way to wake up from a nap! So, that is Slash. Who as we speak is laying in the sink!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a good summer. Great job!

gnomegarden said...

St. Francis' sister you are. Or Snow white!
Yer sad because you missed me!!! I am HOME is the good news. And SLASH have been playing with the bean plants; visited Jim too. He is indeed a nut! I miss you.