Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cats and Dogs

My sister brought my niece and nephew down for a day of vacation fun. We are about two hours from home, but it really is an easy ride. This had the potential to be either a) great, or b) a disaster. No real in between. The kids are all so close in age and proximity, they may as well be brother and sisters. They either love each other, or are fighting like cats and dogs. Not to mention that of the little kids (Julian, Liam, Janey, and Eliza) they all think they know EVERYTHING! And they are all bossy as can be! It all went surprisingly well, thank goodness. After all the hissing, "I'm not talking to you anymore. Hmpf.' from the little girls, they decided it was MUCH more fun to play. The beach was a hit. For some reason the waves were huge. Most other days there are NO waves. Liam and Julian had an elaborate surfing/drowning-my-cousin game going on. Poor Eliza got stung by a jellyfish 17 seconds into her swim (She needed Auntie to save her!) Her and Janey were land-lubbers after that! They made a sand castle for Ariel, and Amanda and I didn't have to pull them off of each other at all!! We went on the kayak, and again poor Eliza was traumatized. A HUGE spider was on Tucker's seat. She immediately STOOD UP ( we are in a kayak- this is a big no-no!) . We didn't flip and I flicked the offending spider in the water. Whoops!!! Actually I flicked it onto Eliza's LEG. Repeat the screaming/standing up scenario again only times ten. Took her back to her mother. Luckily I managed not to scar Liam for life, and we saw some herons and osprey on our kayak ride. Although this time I was the only one paddling and I swear my rotator cuff is somewhere in that creek! The highlight of the day was when "Captain" Steve came back in from fishing with the boys (whom I have only seen at meals, or when we take the boat out!!!) and took them for the much coveted BOAT RIDE. And to elevate his status even more, and lower poor, sad Auntie to the lowest jellyfish stinging, spider throwing rung on the ladder...he let them DRIVE. He did also take them out when it was rough and they bounced all the hell around so maybe we will come out even!!

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