Thursday, July 24, 2008

Field Trip

Today we went to Solomon's Island for a F.F.F.D (forced family fun day). Had to drag the boys out kicking and screaming. Plus it took forever because they had to download the annoying songs from the juke box, so they could annoy each other IN THE CAR. For the 15 minute trip. So anyway, we got to the Maritime Museum and much to their shock, not only was it fun, but they LEARNED something!!!! They had a room of skates, rays, and dogfish. The dogfish would swim right up to you! Hence the name, I guess. In one room was all of the stuff they found at Calvert Cliffs. This room was awesome! It had an alarm that went off anytime someone tried to touch something. Matt and Tucker were eventually banned from this room. You can dress them up, but you can't take them out! They also had the Drum Point lighthouse, which was moved in the 70's to the museum. With a huge barge. A major historical project. They were less than interested in the whole story of this. Beasts. Best of all they had two otters. I could have sat and watched them all day! They would swim, come right up to the glass, then go out and roll in the sand. What a life!! They really liked Matt! Try as we might, Teddy and I could see no way in to otter-nap theses guys! Oh well. Steve met up for lunch on the way home from work and we had a nice lunch on the water of the Patuxent River. It was a nice lunch because we made they boys sit at another table! We are right near the Patuxent Naval Air Station (we found this the other day when we got lost!!), so there are fly overs by fighter jets all the time. It is pretty cool! Still, it would have been much cooler to get my hands on an otter!

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