Tuesday, July 22, 2008


What do you treasure?? Your grandmother's pearls? Your photo albums? Your wedding china? Or maybe your friends, and family. Your health. Memories. All valid treasures. Treasure that by any means are worth their weight in gold. But take a child on a walk and you will be open to treasures greater than you can imagine. Too many of those treasures (as adults) we are quick to say "Ewww, gross. Put that DOWN!". BUT..... an intricate fish spine, a marsh snail, a horseshoe crab long dead (and no longer a threat). A bird's feather, a REAL crab, a tiny, tiny ladybug, a piece of driftwood. All treasure. All usually overlooked now that we are old and wise. These small treasures are incredible to the yet-unjaded. And look closely....they really are so cool. And after slowing down, and looking around, at the end of the day I found my own beach treasure; a piece of green sea glass for my collection. Having a great time with all my treasures.


gnomegarden said...

Treasures all!! I miss you.
I have given you an award on my blog. Please visit my blog for the details:
Thanks for your sharing your amazing self!

peggy said...

Beautiful. You must start a cabinet of curiosities!