Friday, July 11, 2008

How time does fly

Fourteen years ago today I was vastly and uncomfortably pregnant. It was about 115 degrees each day, and there was NO maternity bathing suit that was going to come close to working!! I also had the crazy 2 1/2 year old on speed. Teddy NEVER napped, NEVER slept in late, and NEVER fell asleep in the car. From the minute his eyes popped open he was on the go. I tried to keep up with him as best as my sloth like self could, but he was often found motherless riding his bike around the neighborhood (usually naked), in the back yard, or knocking on Karen and Dennis' door.
Around midnight I SWEAR my contractions started right on my due date. I did fall asleep, and woke up dreaming I was riding a horse with no saddle. Since they don't sell home epidural kits I rushed to get Steve before he left for work (remember-this was way before we all had cell phones!) During really bad contractions there is NO rushing, so I tip-toed in agony till I found him. Six hours later at 12:35 pm on July 12, 1994 Tucker came flying into the world!! Teddy was so excited, and kept saying "I HAVE A TUCKER!!". Now 14 years later it is hard to believe how fast time flies. So, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tucker!
PS- You are still not getting a new guitar OR a Rolex, bud. Sorry.
Love, Mom

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gnomegarden said...

Happy Birthday Tucker!!! Maybe you'll get the Rolex next year!
love, the Dorans