Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hershey Park happy!

"The sweetest place on Earth!" Are you singing the song now?? A few years ago Microsoft lured my brother in law to Seattle :( along with my step-sister Dana, and my nephews & neice Patrick, Connor, and Natalie. Luckily for us they make the long commute back to our neck of the woods at least once a year. And for the past 3 summers we have all made the pilgramage to Hershey Park. Between all the cousins we now have 11 kids to entertain!! Although this is a "family" day, we realized after our first trip that there was NO way the 'big' kids were going to sit around watching the little ones on the kiddie rides!! We now have a foolproof system. Little kids stay with the Moms, and big kids go with Uncle Brad to the REAL rides. Off Brad goes like the Pied Piper of Fun with 7 of the kids (to one adult, unless you count Teddy.) leaving Me, Dana and Amanda with a total of 4!! So, for a brief time it is something close to calm and relaxing! This year Janey was trying on her new brave self...she decided she wanted to go on lots of rollercoasters! And Hershey Park has deemed her ABLE!!! Even on the Super-Dooper-Looper (to end your suspense now-NO. I did not let her go on that!) She did go on the Comet and was equal parts thrilled and terrified (isn't that true at any age?). As soon as we stopped she caught her breath and said, "Can we go again, Mama?". Since I think I fractured my ribcage holding her in on the off chance her seat belt AND safety bar failed, I opted out! Teddy also braved some roller coasters this year (trust me, there was a monetary bribe involved!!) for only the second time ever! This was also a banner year for Connor (who is almost 8). Not only did he FINALLY make the height requirement to ride all the pee-in-your-pants roller coasters, but this is the FIRST year he has been to Hershey WITHOUT any broken bones in casts!! The first year he had TWO broken wrists, and last year he had one! Speaking of pee (sort of) if you go to Hershey and like roller coasters you have to ride the Wild Cat. It is a replica of an old wooden coaster, and even though the speed says 50 mph, I swear it is about 700 mph!! It is clackety and bumpy, and you don't know if you should scream or laugh after the first hill!! It is great fun. This year I rode with Julian. After the first hill she starts yelling "I THINK I AM GOING TO PEE IN MY PANTS!!". Knowing her, this could actually happen! Luckily she managed to hold it, and we escaped unscathed and pee-free! I made her ride with my sister the next time! Tucker rode on the new coaster called Fahrenheit..look it up...you will barf. All in all it was a great day. Janey fell asleep on the way out of the park with a huge lollipop in her mouth! Looking forward to next years trip!!

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Anonymous said...

did you get to skip lines becuase your son had broken bones? i heard that if you have any broken bones or medical conditions with a party of 6 or more, you can skip lines! My friend just recently broke her wrist, and we are so excited to go now!:P