Sunday, July 20, 2008

Leaving Lucille

We left for vacation yesterday. It was all the lovely fun getting ready ALWAYS is. Finding and packing every single thing, cleaning the house, finding the animal sitter, etc. The boys were asked to please pack their things.I figure at 16 and 14 this should be a no brainer. They packed the Playstation 2, 4 games, and 7 movies. Maybe I wasn't quite clear that we were leaving our house and going to another one far, far away in the middle of nowhere (Leonardstown in St.Mary's county, near Solomon's Island.)
The Friday before we left Tucker's Corgi pup, Lucy, had to make a trip to the vet. She needed her shots, but she had lost alot of weight last week, and we were worried. When we got there our vet told us she was, "Very, very sick, and would likely need surgery that afternoon." ?!? Apparently all of the slugs, and bees, and birds (yes, really. It was so gross...she got a bird somehow, and as I was chasing her around to GET IT from her, she was chewing it UP and ATE it! Blech.) I took the kids to see her before we left, and boy was she PISSED we were not taking her home!! When we left she was not out of the woods, and it felt wrong to abandon her. Luckily, as of today she did not need surgery, the inflammation is going down, and she does NOT have Lyme's. Needless to say she will be closely supervised outside. This is ALWAYS the way vacation seems to start. A sick dog, a broken car, you name it! We always aspire to VERY expensive vacations!!

Anyway, we are here. I will get pics up tomorrow of our day of fishing. The best part of the whole vacation is that the boys are in their own SEPARATE CABIN!!!!! They have been fishing, swimming, and crabbing since yesterday afternoon. They stink PRETTY bad!!!!

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Sigrid said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful and relaxing time! Let me know how it feels...I'm so jealous!