Monday, July 21, 2008

No Worries!

Ahhh...finally on vacation! The first day here was a jumble of unpacking, keeping Janey from falling off the pier, getting the boat in the water, swimming, crabbing, exploring, and keeping Janey from falling off the pier. All in the 4 hours we had before it was dark!!!

Sunday was much more laid back, although I almost said relaxing! We packed in all the activities of the day before, plus kayaking, and we all went out in the boat to fish in the Potomac. We saw a nest of Ospreys at the channel marker that still had 2 big babies in it. The kids caught a ton of fish, and Steve caught ONE!! Keep in mind the ever present pier, so no relaxing for Mom!! Granted if Janey DID fall off it would be into 3 feet of creek water, or a bunch of mud, depending on the tide. It is, however, home to blue and fiddler crabs, snails, and snakes so the endless nightmares would REALLY be the issue!!!

The house we are in is right on the water. There is a creek that runs out front and the pier takes you over it and to a boardwalk right to the Potomac. It is a nice quiet spot. For all of you stuck at home, do not is not ALL fun and games! It is still about 200 degrees here, there are jelly fish, and last but not least I seem to have made a grave error in judgement. For those of you who may be tempted...DO NOT LET YOUR NINE YEAR OLD APPLY SUNSCREEN FOR YOU. Trust me. The ending is bad. I look like some new exotic striped red and white species.

Enjoy the pictures. (that by the way DO NOT include the sunscreen fiasco!) I am going to have to show some restraint...I took 150 yesterday. Whoops.

PS-The extra blond boy is not an illusion! Tucker brought his friend Matt down with us, and yes Lynn, he is wearing his contacts AND sunscreen. Not applied by Julian!

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gnomegarden said...

Hiya! You are doing a good job of LOOKING like it's relaxing. Try to get some pics of Janey and her stunt double! I miss you catlady.