Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Summer

A friend's answering machine asks all who call to recall what summer means to them.....Long lazy days with no scheduling, sleeping in, and wearing nothing but pj's or a bathing suit. Rarely shoes, and NEVER socks. Hanging out at the pool, and watching the fireflies. Hide and seek, and playing in the yard for hours. Endless games with made up roles, games of kick ball, and picnics. Ahhh....summer. Is there anything better? As I watch my kids playing in the back yard it is a great sight. Of course I am mowing the lawn and have my Ipod in and turned up so high my eardrums are bleeding. They are scared to death to come near the lawn mower because I have retold them all the heartwarming tales (passed down from my mother to me) involving kids, lawn mowers, and missing body parts. So....they DARE not approach to tattle (AGAIN). My music is thankfully drowning out the fact that Julian is crying, Tucker is teasing her over and over (hence the tears), and Janey is on the top of the swing set shamelessly, and loudly spying on my neighbors. As I watch Janey try to bite Julian for daring to take a turn on the coveted green swing I can see their mouths flapping open and shut, like big baby cowbirds, but alas.... THESE sounds of summer are lost to me. (Many thanks to Apple, and Toro for their help!!) I forgot to mention is is 1pm and Teddy is still in bed. Sooooo...I have now started with some FFFD's. Family Fun Days. ACTUALLY Forced Family Fun Days!!! The first one was to Patapsaco State Park.It is beautiful (even in 105 degree weather) and you can park and walk to the water. There is a huge waterfall, rocks to climb, fish to be caught, and best of all woods to pee in (Jane). We lasted many hours, and only left after realizing we were sharing our fun with ALOT of copperheads. See, the FORCED part isn't so bad....every now and then you need a kick in the (teenage) butt to have fun!!! Stay tuned for more FFFD's.


Anonymous said...

wow! amazing pictures!! and, dawn's right, you should be a writer!! Life with the Lutz's....sounds like a reality show in the making!! FFDs...what a great idea! thanks so much for sharing and i wish you all even more fun for the rest of the summer! hopefully, we'll see you soon...maybe on a backporch with some fresh lemonade....summer smiles to all...charlene

gnomegarden said...

Oh those little hobbit toes in the cold water. So sweet. Which neighbor does Janey Spy on???

rbsms5 said...

Erin you really crack me up! I wish I had even half the energy AND talent that you possess! Or maybe you're just POSSESSED!!
Ha Ha Ha!
Happy Summer!